UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre 6th Biennial International Conference Presentations, June 13th & 14th 2013, NUI Galway

The presentations of the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre 6th Biennial International Conference keynote speakers and parallel sessions are now available for downloading. Please scroll down to view.


Pictured (L-R) are: Professor Constance Flanagan, Mr. Andy Lloyd, Professor Anne Power, Dr James J. Browne, Professor Pat Dolan, Dr. John Canavan, Dr. Carmel Devaney, Tom Clogher, Professor Mark Brennan, Dr. Bernadine Brady.


Pictured are: A group of young people from The Olympic Boxing Club Galway (Johnny Myers, Brandon Mongan, Stacey Curran and Tony McDonagh) with the conference special guest, Kenneth Egan.


Pictured are: Professor Mark Brennan and Ms. Gerison Lansdown


Pictured are (L-R): Dr. Caroline McGregor, Dr. John Canavan, Professor Pat Dolan, Professor John Davis,  Dr. James J. Browne, Dr. Aisling Gillen, Dr. Cormac Forkan and Ms. Elizabeth Canavan. 

Opening Remarks
Dr James J. Browne, President of NUI Galway


Engagement and Participation in Family Support: Untapped Potential
Professor Pat Dolan, UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, School of Political Science and Sociology, NUI Galway


The Political Theories of Adolescents: How they Matter for Democracy
Professor Constance Flanagan, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA


Learning from the Horse’s Mouth: What Families Bringing up Children in Difficult Urban Areas Say about their Role and Influence
Professor Anne Power, the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK


Defending and Developing Family Support in an Age of Austerity
Mr. Andy Lloyd, Head of Service – Workforce Development, Children’s Services, Leeds City Council, UK


Changing the Odds: the Benefits and Challenges of Volunteer-Led Service Provision
Dr. Bernadine Brady & Dr. Carmel Devaney, UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, School of Political Science and Sociology, NUI Galway

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Citizenship as a Mechanism for Individual, Family, and Community Support
Professor Mark Brennan, Pennsylvania State University, USA


Addressing the Challenges in Building a Culture of Respect for Children’s Voices
Ms. Gerison Lansdown, Independent International Affairs Professional, London, UK


The Role of Advocacy in Family Support
Ms. Norah Gibbons, Member of the Historical Abuse Inquiry, Northern Ireland


Special Guest – Kenneth Egan


Closing Remarks
Dr. John Canavan, UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, School of Political Science and Sociology, NUI Galway



Theme I. The Contribution of Communities

Speakers: Ms. Audrey Reilly, Ability West & Ms. Sheelagh McInerney, The Brothers of Charity Services, Galway
Title: Home Sharing, Contract Families, Shared Living

Speaker: Prof. Caroline McGregor, NUI Galway
Title: Making it Everyone’s Business: Family Support as an Interface between Child Protection Services, Communities and Citizens

Speaker: Ms. Helen Uchechukwu Ogbu, Galway
Title: Faith: A Bolstering Factor in Parenting in Direct Provision

Theme II. The Contribution of Volunteers

Speaker: Ms. Aoife Griffin, The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Title: The Development of the ISPCC Advocacy Volunteer

Speaker: Dr. Annick Janson, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Title: Increasing Volunteer Capacity through a Collaborative Learning Framework: The New Zealand Virtual Volunteer Induction Programme (V.V.I.P)

Speaker: Ms. Anne Goodwin, St. Brigid's Family and Community Centre, Waterford
Title: Participation in Practice

Theme III. Engaging Communities in Family Support

Speaker: Dr. Stella Owens, Centre for Effective Services
Title: Prevention and Early Intervention in Children and Young People’s Services – The Learning from the Investment by Government and Philanthropy on the Island of Ireland

Speaker: Dr. Michelle Millar, NUI Galway and Dr. Seamus Morrissey, Galway City Partnership
Title: Volunteers and Communities: the Case of the Incredible Years Programme in Galway City

Speaker: Dr. Gemma Cox, youngballymun
Title: Achieving Broad-Based Community Change through Meaningful Stakeholder Participation

Theme IV. Challenges Facing Professional Worker-Citizens in Embattled Systems

Speaker: Mr. Richard O'Donovan, Foróige, the National Youth Development Organisation
Title: Organisational Citizenship Behaviour

Speaker: Ms. Fiona Walshe, Athlone Institute of Technology
Title: Voices from the Coalface of Family Support – a Study of Community Childcare

Speaker: Dr. Colletta Dalikeni, Dundalk Institute of Technology
Title: The Experiences of Child Protection Social Workers of Working with Asylum Seeking Families

Theme V. The Role of Advocacy and Protest

Speaker: Dr. Gemma Carney, NUI Galway
Title: Citizenship across the Life Course in Austerity: Advocating for Children, Older People and People with Disabilities

Speaker: Ms. Anna Visser, The Advocacy Initiative
Title: Social Justice Advocacy: Challenges and Prospects

Speaker: Ms. Emma McKinley, Children's Rights Alliance
Title: The Child and Family Agency – A Golden Opportunity

Theme VI. Engagement and Innovative Programmes

Speakers: Ms. Rachel Browne and Ms. Steph Troy, Mayo Children's Initiative
Title: Something in the Way. A Peer Education Programme Empowering Young People to Break the Silence Around Dating Abuse

Speaker: Mr. Declan Coogan, NUI Galway
Title: Challenges for Practitioners & Parents in Responding to Child to Parent Violence

Speaker: Dr. Michael Kelly, Loyola University Chicago, USA
Title: Social Justice Education: Bridging the Divide of Class and Race in Two Chicago High Schools

Theme VII. Participatory Structures

Speakers: Prof. Nevenka Zegarac & Prof. Tamara Dzamonja, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Title: Participation by Children and Young People with Disabilities and their Families in Service Provision

Speaker: Ms. Joanne Morrison, Positive Futures, Northern Ireland
Title: A Journey of Real Participation: Involving People with a Learning Disability in Organisational Decision Making Processes

Speakers: Ms. Olive McGovern & Ms. Anne O'Donnell, Department of Children & Youth Affairs
Title: An Analysis of the Application of a Non-Hierarchical Model of Children’s Participation in Decision Making in Hearing the Voices of Children and Young People Living in the Care of the State

Theme VIII. Participation by Children and Young People

Speaker: Dr. Sheila McArdle, Athlone, Co. Roscommon
Title: Cultural Competency. A Practice Tool to Potentially Enhance Youth Participation

Speaker: Ms. Patricia McNeilly, Queen's University Belfast
Title: ‘I go on my own...cause you're an age now': The Participation of Disabled Children and Young People in Health and Social Care Decisions

Speakers: Mr. Timothy Stewart and Ms. Aileen Murphy, Barnardos
Title: Youth Participation - The Journey of the Unknown

Theme IX. Participation by Children in Care

Speaker: Ms. Réidín Dunne, Empowering People in Care
Title: Building Momentum - Change, Challenge and Opportunity in Advocating for Young People in Care in Ireland

Speaker: Dr. Conor Mc Mahon, Ms. Breege Mangan and Ms. Sharon Morrisson, HSE West (Sligo)
Title: 'Taking Time to Listen': The Development of a Youth Forum for Young People with Care Experience in the North West

Speaker: Ms. Edel McCarthy, HSE West (Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary)
Title: Young People in Residential Care, their Participation and the Influencing Factors