Dr Rebecca Jackson, 4th February 2021

Children and Young Peoples Collective Participation in Decision making Structures

Dr Patricia O'Connor, 17th Decemer 2020

Adolescents in rural areas in need of support; what barriers/facilitators exist on their pathway to help-seeking

Dr Michele Walsh, 11th December 2020

Irish adolescent’s experiences of sexual harassment within their school settings

Dr Carmen Kealy, 20th January 2020

Exploratory Study on Polish Parenting in Ireland

Dr Conor, Hogan, 18th December 2019 

An explorative study of the perceived social support, friendly and empathetic behaviours amongst adolescent youth who participate in the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) in Ireland

Dr Brendan Dolan, 11th December 2019

Scientific, Knowledge and Technology Transfer Impact Orientation of Medical Device Principal Investigators

Dr Rita Melia, 22th May 2019

My Self Image and your Interactions; the impact of the preschool leaders' image of the child as a learner on children's wellbeing

Dr Helen Casey, 12th December 2018

Transformative Learning in Adult Education at NUI Galway: An exploration of the BA in Community and Family Studies (BACFS) programme graduates experiences

Dr Deirdre Hardiman, 12th December 2018

A Life course perspective: Life course learning for Adult Learners in Higher Education

Dr Suzi Flynn, 31st August 2018

Recessionary Tales: An Investigation into How Children with Intellectual Disability, and Their Families, Experience the Economic Downturn

Dr Joe Mooney, 27th August 2018

Thesis Title: How Adults Tell: Messages for Society and Policy Makers in relation to Adult Disclosures of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Dr Sinead O'Malley, 11th June 2018

Thesis Title: The Mothers Project: Participatory Research Exploring the Experience of Motherhood and Mothering for Incarcerated Mothers in Ireland

Dr Eamonn Furey, 19th January 2018

Thesis Title: Alleviating Educational Inequality: Re-Evaluating the Home, School, Community Liaison Programme from the Teachers Perspective

Dr Tereza Brumovská, 23rd June 2017
Thesis Title: The Impact of Initial Motivation of Mentors on Characteristics and Quality of Formal Youth Mentoring Relationship

Dr Ann O'Kelly, 2nd December 2016
Thesis Title: How do children in Ireland experience and cope with the process of their parents’ separation and divorce and subsequent changed family life? 

Dr Danielle Kennan, 24th November 2016
Thesis Title: Involving Children and Young People in Social Research: Navigating the Balance Between Protection and Participation

Dr Maire Hanniffy, 7th November 2016
Thesis title: Life Foundations- An Exploration of School Readiness

Dr Rebeca O'Shaughnessy, 4th March 2016
Thesis title: An Exploration of the Social and Emotional Well-Being Narratives of Children who Live with a Parent with a Mental Health Difficulty.

Dr Patrick Malone, 3rd March 2016
Thesis title: Equality Omitted Reform: An exploration of 'egalitarian' and 'efficiency' principles in Irish health care provision within an institutionalist framework.

Dr Aileen Shaw, 2nd February 2016
Thesis title: Understanding Strategic Engagement: An Exploratory Study of Perspectives on Philanthropic Investment in Programmes for Children and Youth in Ireland.

Dr Tanja Kovacic, 10th December 2015
Thesis title: Generational and cultural understanding of youth civic engagement, social support and resilience in Socialist and Post-socialist Slovenia.

Dr Rosemary Crosse, 4th December 2015
Thesis title: Irish Mothers, Separation and Divorce: An Exploratory Study: Examining Experiences, Services and Policies.

Dr Liam White, 1st December 2015
Thesis title: An exploration of the value of reflective practice for child care and family support service provision.

Dr Declan Coogan, 27th November 2015
Thesis title: Child to Parent Violence – An Exploration of Non-Violent Resistance.

Dr Marcella Kelly, 18th June 2015
Thesis title: Exploring the Views and Experiences of Teenage Parents as Service Users of Universal Child and Family Health Care Services.

Dr Leonor Rodriguez (co-supervision with psychology), 19th November 2015
Thesis title: Understanding Adolescent Adjustment to Maternal Cancer: A Study of Personal Experiences and Psychosocial Factors that Promote Adjustment.

Dr Liam Coen, September 2015
Thesis title: Street-level bureaucratic behaviour when supporting parents: Exploring the utility of the Jewell and Glaser framework.

Dr Ciara Bradley, 11th March 2014
Thesis title: Reproducing Stigma: Narratives of Single Women's Pregnancy and Motherhood in Ireland 1990–2010.

Dr Jessica Ozan, 14th January 2014
Thesis title: Leadership in Theory-based Evaluation: An Exploration of the Feasibility and Added-Value of Incorporating a Focus on Leadership in Programme Evaluation.

Dr Anne Cassidy, 19th November 2013
Thesis title: I’m not going to be able to leave’, the impact of belonging to the Irish farming community on university students’ life experiences and transitions to adulthood.

Dr Sheila Garrity, 6th November 2013
Thesis title: People think it’s not the real world - but it’s our world’. The significance of relationships found on the threshold between the private and the public: Exploring engagement between mothers and early years practitioners in a changing Ireland.

Dr Michael Browne, 7th May 2013
Thesis title: Holding a Vision: An Investigation of a Rights-Based Social Supports Infrastructure for Children/Young Persons with an Intellectual Disability in Ireland.

Dr Louise Kinlen, 6th March 2013
Thesis title: Advocating and Setting Agendas: An Exploratory Study of NGO Advocacy Surrounding the Reception Conditions of Asylum Seeking Children and Families in Ireland and its Influence on Agenda Setting.

Dr Sheila McArdle, 13th December 2012
Thesis title: Zambian Perspectives: A Participatory Contextualisation of Youth Civic Engagement (YCE) from both Youth and Adult Zambian Perspectives.

Dr Sue Redmond, 12th December 2012
Thesis title: An Explorative Study on the Connection between Leadership Skills, Resilience and Social Support among Youth.

Dr Brian Merriman, 28th November 2012
Thesis title: Interviews with Children: An Experimental Comparison of Methods.

Dr Lisa O’Reilly, 5th June 2012
Thesis title: The Voice of Children in Social Work Assessments: What they say? Or what they play?

Dr Carmel Devaney, 15th July 2011
Thesis title: Family Support as an Approach to Working with Children and Families in Ireland: An Explorative Study of Past and Present Perspectives Among Pioneers and Practitioners.

Dr Bernadine Brady, 17th December 2010
Thesis title: An Assessment of the Viability and Value of Youth Mentoring as a Policy Option in an Irish Context.

Dr Cormac Forkan, 2nd July 2010
Thesis title: Building Evidence on How to Support Adolescents through a Comparative Tracking of their Perceived Social Support Outcomes.

Dr Connie O’Regan, 12th November 2010
Thesis title: Methodology and Evidence in Evaluation: Lessons from a Randomised Control Trial of a Youth Mentoring Programme in Ireland.