Crisis Coping: Living and Learning through COVID-19


UNESCO Child & Family Research Centre & School of Education

National University of Ireland, Galway

The past year has seen disruptions on a global scale, which have been deeply unsettling for many and highlight the uncertainty of our everyday lives. For young people, the abrupt closing of schools meant that this key part of life either came to a halt or significantly changed the way of ‘doing’ school. The challenges encountered in trying to ensure the continuation of education showed both the limit of educational practices of schooling, once physical schools were closed, but also that schools play a broader role in society than just that of schooling.  As responses to the crisis developed, it became clear that while school closures had negative implications for most young people, the effects had greater consequence for some than for others, for example students with additional needs, low income families, students with limited access to technological hardware or internet access or students simply unable to use technology. These concerns continue as schools reopen and try new norms for teaching and learning and the practices of everyday life in schools. This study intends to focus on these current experiences of schooling under the new norms that are now becoming established in schools and gain a contemporaneous insight into these emerging lived experiences. The aim is create a rapid response through co-designing and co- developing coping, wellbeing and support strategies for young people (aged 12-18 years) and their parents, in the context of coping with COVID-19, including fast- tracking dissemination to facilitate educational engagement.

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The research explores how young people (aged 12-18 years) are coping in the context of Covid-19, with a particular focus on wellbeing and education. One of the aims of the project is to design supports for young people to help them engage in education during this time. We are interested in learning about the day-to-day experiences of young people as they return back to the classroom (or continue to learn at home). We are also interested in hearing parents’ perspectives on their child’s experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Crisis Coping: Living and Learning through COVID-19

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