Public Awareness

The aim of the Public Awareness Package is to ensure that children and families know about the range of services that Tusla can offer relating to supporting children and families. We think that if people know more about the services they will use them more and this will mean better outcomes for children relating to their development, well-being, protection and general quality of family life.

The overarching question in this Work Package is:

Have levels of public knowledge about Tusla and its Prevention, Partnership and Family Support increased over the life of the programme?

The aims of this work package is to:

  • Design and conduct a public awareness campaign on Prevention, Partnership and Family Support.
  • Develop the Tusla website in relation to PPFS which is accessible to children and young people.
  • Launch the National Service Delivery Framework and the PPFS (parenting, partnership and family support) on an inter-agency basis.
  • Develop and produce policy, strategy and guidance documentation and toolkits.
  • Produce localised and child-and family-friendly material.

Attention will be given in particular to general levels of awareness and understanding of the role of Tusla, but with more detailed focus on what the public knows about preventative and supportive help provided by Tusla and its partners and how to access it.  The central methodological strategy in this work package is a population study.

 The work package lead for Public Awareness is Professor Caroline McGregor.
Doctoral Researcher: Patricia O'Connor


McGregor, C. and Nic Gabhainn, S. (2016) Public Awareness of Parenting, Prevention and Family Support Services: Population Survey Baseline Report 2016. Galway: The UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, National University of Ireland, Galway.